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・Oroginal papers (total 7 articles: 1st author 5 + coauthor 2)

7. Kouta Kanno, Takefumi Kikusui.
Effect of Sociosexual Experience and Aging on Number of Courtship Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Male Mice.
Zoological Science. 35(3), 208-214 (2018).

6. Tatsuya Hattori, Kouta Kanno, Miho Nagasawa, Katsuhiko Nishimori, Kazutaka Mogi, and Takefumi Kikusui.
Impairment of interstrain social recognition during territorial aggressive behavior in oxytocin receptor-null mice.
Neuroscience Research. 90, 90-4 (2015). Epub 2014 Jun 12.

5. Misato Yasumura, Tomoyuki Yoshida, Maya Yamazaki, Manabu Abe, Rie Natsume, Kouta Kanno, Takeshi Uemura, Keizo Takao, Kenji Sakimura, Takefumi Kikusui, Tsuyoshi Miyakawa, Masayoshi Mishina
IL1RAPL1 knockout mice show learning deficiency, memory decline, hyperactivity and reduced anxiety-like behaviours.
Scientific Reports. 4: 6613 (2014)

4. Kouta Kanno, Hiroki Kokubo, Aki Takahashi, Tsuyoshi Koide and Shoichi Ishiura.
Enhanced prepulse inhibition and low sensitivity to a dopamine agonist in Hesr1-knockout mice.
Journal of Neuroscience Research. 92 (3), 287-97(2014).

3.    Kouta Kanno and Shoichi Ishiura.
The androgen receptor facilitates inhibition of human dopamine transporter (DAT1) reporter gene expression by HESR1 and HESR2 via the variable number of tandem repeats.
Neuroscience Letters.
525 (1), 54-59 (2012).

2.    Kouta Kanno and Shoichi Ishiura.
Differential effects of the HESR/HEY transcription factor family on dopamine transporter (DAT1) reporter gene expression via variable number of tandem repeats.
Journal of Neuroscience Research.
89 (4), 562-575 (2011).

1.    Kouta Kanno, Satoshi Shima, Yuki Ishida, Korehito Yamanouchi.
Ipsilateral and contralateral serotonergic projections from dorsal and median raphe nuclei to the forebrain in rats: Immunofluorescence quantitative analysis.
Neuroscience Research.
61 (2), 207–218 (2008).



Kouta Kanno and Shoichi Ishiura.
Genetic Variants of the Dopaminergic System in Humans and Model Organisms. Chapter 10 in “From Genes to Animal Behavior” (Springer). pp227-237. 2011.


・International Meetings

Lingling Mai, Ryuichi Kimura, Kouta Kanno, Hitoshi Inada, Noriko Osumi (2018)
Paternal aging affects developmental patterns of ultrasonic vocalization in C57BL6/J mice
22nd Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience (poster)
Abstract P1.037, May 22. Nara, Japan.

Kanno K. and Kikusui T. (2015)
Male mice ultrasonic vocalization to females and individual differences in it are correlated with sexual motivation and neuronal activity in the ventral tegmental area.
Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL(poster)
Abstract 247.25 from Oct 18, 2015 .
*presented at Society for social neuroscience 2015, as well (Oct 16).

Kanno K. and Kikusui T. (2014)
Basic relations among song and behavioral parameters
Ultrasonic Communication in Rodents
The University of Tokyo, 21 Komaba Center for Educational Excellence
Aug 4, 2014 (Oral)

Kanno K. and Ishiura S. (2009)
Function of transcription factor HESR family on dopamine transporter expression via variable number of tandem repeat.
Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL(poster)
Abstract 618.26 from Oct 20, 2009 .

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